I’m starting to get the feeling that The Flaming Lips collaboration with Lightning Bolt involved a lot of drugs. First, there was the video for “I Wanna Get High, but I Don’t Want Brain Damage,” and now a second video from their recently released collaboration has hit the nets. This one is for “I’m Working at NASA on Acid.” It begins with a high as shit Wayne Coyne lamenting how he pushed the wrong button, and, well, it just gets weirder from there, as three minutes of slightly strummed, totally spaced out rock lead to a rumbling and unhinged feak-out and back. It’s a trip. Literally.

VIDEO: The Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt – I’m Working at NASA on Acid

More copies of The Flaming Lips’ 12″ EP with Lightning Bolt have begun to show up at record stores across the country. I’ve yet to see any in Cleveland. If you do know somewhere local selling a copy, don’t keep it a secret and don’t hoard them for eBay. Let us know.