This weekend I’m hitting the road to Asbury Park for the All Tomorrow’s Parties Music Festival curated by Portishead. And while I won’t be able to travel with a photographer (ATP is a “boutique festival” and press is limited and I’m not Pitchfork or Rolling Stone or NPR or whomever is important enough these days; I’ve already blown my yearly budget on a website that doesn’t make money and can’t afford to pay a photographer’s way to another festival, etc, etc) I will be filing reports all weekend long.

Booze pending, I plan on at least taking in Portishead, The Horrors, Chavez, Earth, Public Enemy, Factory Floor and a few hours of Oneida. I would love to tell you a Jeff Mangum show will be part of my weekend, too.  However, it’s not looking likely.  There were at least, four, maybe five different ticketing options for the weekend and I have no idea whether any of my single day tickets entitle me to a Jeff Mangum show. We’ll see. We’ll also see how many offensive Jersey stereotypes I can fit into one weekend. My skin now has the healthy orange glow that can only come from tan in a can. I’ve loaded up on hair gel. I’m also sporting a sleek full-body wax and several gold chains. I’m well on my way.