NYC’s Parts and Labor are one of the few rock bands on the scene today to successfully and convincingly integrate electronics into their sound (Way haywire electronics, I should add), and have always been a favorite of both I Rock Cleveland and the Cleveland concert audience in general. Now, after ten years, they’re placing themselves on indefinite hiatus. BJ Warshaw and Dan Friel have both released solo albums in the past utilizing massive spreads of hacked electronics, similar to those of P&L, and it remains to be seen whether they’ll pursue solo careers or bring that same, short-circuit waiting to happen sound to another band. All members, including drummer, Joe Wong, do plan to record and perform going forward, just not with Parts and Labor. So, you can consider “No Nostalgia” either a celebration or a farewell. Just be forewarned — There’s no need to adjust your speakers or start pulling cables on your laptop. Your connection isn’t lacking and the file isn’t warped. Like their best work, “No Nostalgia” is a punk-rock anthem crafted from the most twisted and unlikeliest bits of electronic sound.

MP3: Parts and Labor – No Nostalgia

Parts and Labor will be doing a handful of farewell shoes in the NYC area this fall and into the winter. Full details on Parts and Labor’s 10th anniversary and indefinite hiatus can be found here.