For some, the biggest problem they have with the income equality movement, Occupy Wall Street, is that it doesn’t have a clear set of goals. Do they want to raise taxes? Do they want to erase personal debt? What about the environment and wars and social justice? Shouldn’t they be concerned about those things, too?

For others, those concerned with media and entertainment, their criticism has been that the movement has yet to inspire artists to a greater purpose? Where’s the Dylan? Where’s the Rage (Against the Machine)? Where’s our Public Enemy?

One Cleveland ex-pat, Michael Nigro, has attempted to right the second wrong by pairing “Men Who Are Guilty of Crimes,” an unreleased song by beloved Cleveland singer/songwriter, Bill Fox, with videos and images collected from the protest movement. No matter your personal or political standing, whether you’re a 99er or a member of the 1%, a Democrat, Republican, Anarchist, or Libertarian, you have to admit the finished product is moving.

VIDEO: Bill Fox – Men Who Are Guilty of Crimes