Are Factory Floor a rock band with the groove of a dance act or an electronic act with a nose for noise? Are they goth or post-punk or trance? Should we wait for NME or Pitchfork to chime in with a new sub-genre, or should we dig in? During the Londoner’s late night, attention-grabbing set at ATP NJ they deftly worked elements of both rock and electronics, playing with the type of ferocity that most indie bands can only dream of while having the audacity to beat mix their songs like a DJ, but with live instrumentation. Then there was the noise. The trio took an almost sadistic pleasure in testing the audience’s tolerance with uncomfortable and ratcheting screeches. Yes, this trio is onto something.

On “Two Different Ways,” Factory Floor’s debut single for DFA records, pulsing electronics, bubbling synths, and scattershot snaps of noise work themselves in and out of the mix while a disco beat and disaffected vocals provide the necessary grounding. Yet, as many ideas are spread over the number’s nine minutes (Listen close and you’ll find signs of old skool hip-hop, ambient music, and space rock, too) it’s surprisingly open. Each element is allotted proper spacing and there’s still plenty of room left for the band to engage in some of that creative destruction once this one makes its way to the stage. For Factory Floor, the recording, and this recording in particular, is but the beginning.

VIDEO: Factory Floor – Two Different Ways

Factory Floor’s “Two Different Ways” 12″ single is available now through DFA Records.