When dealing with a sound as sweet as San Francisco power pop band, Terry Malts, there’s always the danger of an overdose. It’s just so simple — guitar, bass, and drums, a dash of disenchantment and a boot to the back of the tempo; The references are spotless — Take the Ramones or the Buzzcocks and add the buzz and blur of UK post-punk guitars; And, the hooks are so immediate they work their way into your head in no time. Between their two singles released on Slumberland (“I’m Neurotic” and “Something About You”) it may only be six tracks and maybe fifteen minutes of recorded output at best, but that’s six tracks and fifteen minutes of some of the best 2011 has to offer, too.

MP3: Terry Malts – Distracted
MP3: Terry Malts – Something About You

Oh hell. Let’s make it a double twofer Wednesday. Here’s a live video of “Tumble Down” from the 2011 San Francisco Pop Fest and here’s “In the Waiting Room” from the same show.  I’m willing to risk power pop overdose.