Did you know Akron’s most famous Rock ‘N’ Rollers, The Black Keys, have a new record scheduled to come out next Tuesday, December 6th?  Have you been alive?  In the past week, Dan Auerbach, Pat Carney and their people have been busy making sure that every living person with a passing interest in music is well aware that El Camino is on its way.   As of 11:30 AM, Wednesday, November 30th, 2011, the Black Keys pre-release press frenzy includes:

1.  A five song streaming sampler from the forthcoming El Camino at the Black Keys’ website for the price of an email address.

2.  A contest over at Stereogum, where you can win a guitar, signed vinyl and two tickets to a secret NYC show.

3.  That secret show being broadcast live at MTV Hive this coming Monday at 9 PM EST.

4.  Performances on this weekend’s edition of Saturday night live, (5) The Colbert Report on Tuesday, and (6) Letterman on Wednesday.

7.  A local record release party at Cleveland’s Music Saves Monday night from 7 ’til 9 where, with purchase of the new album, you can win a signed print and other Black Keys prize packs.

Are you frenzied yet?  Oh, just wait.  It’s only 11:42 AM, Wednesday November 30th, 2011 and that means there are five-and-a-half more days for the Black Keys to take over your Internet, TV, and real-world life.