I Rock Cleveland 2011 Spectacular: The Awards Section

The Keith Richards Award for Rock 'N' Roll Longevity For The Best Performance by a Veteran Artist/Group The Nominees: Public Enemy at ATP New ...
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Swag: The Beachland Ballroom’s 2012 Ultimate VIP Sweepstakes

How cool is this?  The Beachland Ballroom and Heineken USA are teaming up to give one lucky soul free passes for two to every show and every event ...
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“Tumble Down” by Terry Malts

Everything released to date by the San Francisco power pop band Terry Malts has been pure gold.  Granted, in this case everything amounts to two ...
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“Eleven A.M.” by Bears

The Cleveland duo of Charlie McArthur and Craig Ramsey, better known as Bears, has grown since their last release in 2008.  Not only did they ...
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I Rock Cleveland 2011 Spectacular: The Year’s Best Albums

Welcome to I Rock Cleveland's Top 20 albums of 2011. Please note, some of the entries below have been condensed due to the sheer number of words ...
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A Better Argument For More Women in The Rock Hall?

Ask you shall receive, right? Last week I lamented how every time someone makes the argument that there's not enough women or not enough people ...
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“Stay Useless” by Cloud Nothings

In chatting with Rolling Stone, Dylan Baldi of Cleveland's Cloud Nothings described the band's latest single, "Stay Useless, as "My attempt at ...
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Why Isn’t My Favorite Band In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Why Does the Rock Hall Hate My Favorite Genre of Music?

Sure as the rain falls in Cleveland, soon after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced the class of 2012, the complaints about who did and who ...
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