Everything released to date by the San Francisco power pop band Terry Malts has been pure gold.  Granted, in this case everything amounts to two 7″s, six songs, and about twelve minutes.  And, I’m saying this without actually getting my hands on “Something About You,” that second 7″, because My Mind’s Eye Records in Lakewood was afraid to carry a record with Charles Manson on the cover due to the fear a certain customer may see said record and that certain customer, after seeing said record, would burn the store down.  That’s no fault of Terry Malts.  It was done in poor taste, maybe, but burn the store down mad? Who could anticipate such a thing?

That being said, “Tumble Down,” like those six tracks which have preceded it, is short, sweet guitar pop, rough in the spots you want it to be rough, with an immediate melody and a chorus your brain won’t want to quit.  It’s like a cult that way, except, not with the murdering and satanism and stuff.

MP3: Terry Malts – Tumble Down

Killing Time, Terry Malts’ first full length for Slumberland Records will be released on February 21st.