In 2010, the California hardcore band Ceremony released Rohnert Park, one of those top 10 quality records that wasn’t. The few that heard it (Seriously, if you haven’t heard it, here’s a link to Spotify) gushed over the most progressive hardcore band in all the lands not named Fucked Up. Personally, I was tipped to this record in early 2011 and it remained one of my most played records throughout the year.

Now on Matador Records for their upcoming release, Zoo, Ceremony shouldn’t have that same exposure problem.  A high profile indie like Matador all but guarantees ears.   And what will those ears hear?  On the lead single, “Hysteria,” there’s this unabashed nod to classic rockers in the form of an opening riff ripped from the playbook of AC/DC (Think “Dirty Deeds”) that blends seamlessly into mid-tempo punk eerily reminiscent of early ’90s Bad Religion.  Ok, maybe “Hysteria,” won’t convince you that Ceremony are the second most progressive band of hardcore thrashers alive today — This could be a jock jam if not for the overwhelming sense of disillusionment permeating throughout the track.  Still, progressive or not, stadium-sized, as it is, it’s hard to deny that this is one catchy-as-hell jam.

MP3: Ceremony – Hysteria

Ceremony’s first record for Matador, titled Zoo, will be out March 6th. Check the Matador Records blog for all the pre-order information.