Bears aren’t the only Cleveland band spreading the sound of sunshine pop this winter.  The Lighthouse and the Whaler offer similarly bright sounds on “Pioneers.”  There’s bells and brilliantly colored guitars and warm, shimmery keyboards.  It would be pop-perfect for an automobile advert featuring carefree thirty-somethings doing those things carefree thirty-somethings do as they showcase their affordable, environmentally sensible, yet stylish new car.  This isn’t a dig.  Rather, “Pioneers,” is the type of track that could boost both the band’s profile and their bank accounts.

MP3: The Lighthouse and the Whaler – Pioneers

2012 looks to be a busy year for The Lighthouse and the Whaler.  There’s the EP, Pioneers, the source of todays’ jam, and a full length both due out in the coming months.  Plus, there’s the tours.  The Lighthouse and the Whaler are always on tour.