The fuzz pop of San Francisco’s Terry Malts is equally indebted to the flapping, mop tops and punk rock of The Ramones and the disaffected stares of UK shoegazers.  Yet, if one were to choose, pogo or pout, shout or sulk, songs like “Nauseous,” should make the choice easy — Make yourself a pit, do the pizza man dance and the gorilla dance, too.  There will be time enough for introspection once the music’s done.

MP3: Terry Malts – Nauseous

Look for Terry Malt’s debut full length, Killing Time, February 21st on Slumberland Records.

After a few detours, and some unlikely help from beat-maker Aesop Rock, Allyson Baker and her San Francisco band, Dirty Ghosts are on the cusp of releasing their debut record, Metal Moon.  Neither metal, nor necessarily a nod to Television’s Marquee Moon, tracks like “Ropes That Way,” feature a more modern take on guitar rock with programmed beats and a punk rock past reduced to short, pointed bursts of sound.  And while some may draw connections to acts like The Kills or Sleigh Bells, the clean production and even cleaner melody, suggest Dirty Ghosts have bigger designs on their minds.

MP3: Dirty Ghosts – Ropes That Way