While Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson has shown little willingness to eliminate the 8% admissions tax on small music venues, progress has been made.  There is more awareness of the issue in city hall and amongst the public and there’s a feeling in both the government and the clubs that middle ground can be found.

Recent articles in the Plain Dealer and The Scene Magazine drive this point home.  Speaking to the Plain Dealer’s Thomas Ott, Councilman Joe Cimperman describes negotiations where neither side is taking a hard line.   Beachland owner Cindy Barber, whose club has taken one of the biggest hits from the tax, speaks of positive momentum and is feeling encouraged.  In talking to The Scene’s Anastasia Pantsios, Happy Dog owner, Sean Watterson is looking forward to an audience with the mayor.

Still, the issue is far from settled, and that’s why ten of the member clubs in The Cleveland Music Club Coalition have banded together to host an event they are calling Defend Music Night.  Taking place this Friday, Defend Music Night will not only give you the opportunity to rock out at venues like The Happy Dog, Beachland, Brother’s Lounge, and Now That’s Class, but also give you the knowledge needed to become a part of the cause.

Defend Music Night: Friday, February 10th:

Beachland: Outlaws I&I, We the People, GS Harper
Brothers Lounge: Reese Daily, Justin Gorski
Garage Bar: Restless Habs, Drunken Bishops
Happy Dog: Herzog, Bill Fox
The Harp: Brent Kirby
Now That’s Class: Woolen Kits, Puffy Areolas, Smooth Brain
Prosperity Social Club: Martini Five-O
Peabody’s: Tenafly Vipers, Not So Good Ol’ Boys, Jason Charles Miller, Scattered Heart
Roc Bar: Patrenzo, Kennedy & Keilyn, Veeno, Treazon, Dasanto, Soul Kryziz, Zup
Rockstar: Snipez, JMO

Oh, and while you’re there at the Beachland or The Happy Dog, don’t forget the booze.  While the tax rate remains high, the best opportunity for these clubs to make a buck is for you to booze.  Really, it’s ok to overindulge if it’s for the music and you have a designated driver that’s not only willing to cart your drunk ass around town but also willing to take notes so you can get yourself re-informed the next day.

You can learn more about the Cleveland Music Club Coalition here, on the organization’s Facebook page.