Although Ester, the debut album from the London dream-pop act, Trailer Trash Tracys, can be uneven in spots, it’s willingness to move beyond imitation and idolatry and tweak the standards set by 4AD bands of days gone by should be commended. Even a small, seemingly unsignificant departure from the established template of hushed vocals, reverberating beats, and bright, elongated guitar tones, like say the squashed and smothered beat which opens, “You Wish You Were Red,” can do wonders. In fact, after listening to Ester, one could argue that the best way to move dream-pop beyond its current, sleepy state is to do so in small steps, for its on the tracks where the Trailer Trash Tracys stretch the most that are they succeed the least.

VIDEO: Trailer Trash Tracys – You Wish You Were Red