Four years on, and Black Mountain’s 2008 album, In the Future, still remains one the best examples of modern rock revivalism. This album wasn’t just big, it was huge. With half of its songs stretching easily past the five minute mark and the band incorporating elements of ’70s psychedelic rock, doom, and sludge within dynamic, often unpredictable songs, it was as heavy and as powerful as anything produced during Rock ‘N’ Roll’s glory days. Sadly, 2010’s Wilderness Heart, reeled in much of that ambition, and instead opted for more easily consumable throwback jams.

Hello “Mary Lou,” and hello return to force.

Could it be the subject matter that has brought Black Mountain back to their old ways? “Mary Lou” does come from the soundtrack to the post-apocalyptic, surf-punk movie, Year Zero, a setting tailor made for the Black Mountain of brain melting jams. And personally, I know if I was riding a gnarly tidal wave on my board and the world as we know it was about to end, I’d want to be rockin’ out to something propulsive, and something twisted, and definitely something where the guitars are crackling and shoot red hot. For if I’m riding a gnarly tidal wave of destruction, I’d want to be doin’ some destruction of my own. Yes, “Mary Lou” is cool for times like that.

MP3: Black Mountain – Mary Lou

Black Mountain’s soundtrack to the movie Year Zero will be released April 3rd and will contain five older tracks and five new ones, including “Mary Lou.”