Outside of two 7″ singles, one for Douchemaster Records and another on Hozac, it’s been a relatively quiet four years for Gentleman Jesse since he first broke out with his debut album in 2008. It happens some times. And with the way bands come and go these days, it’s all too easy to forget how back in 2008 it appeared as if Gentleman Jesse was poised to be the next big thing to break out of the garage rock underground. Now, with all that being said, “Rooting for the Underdog,” is the perfect reminder of everything he did so well on that record filled with pure, ’70s inspired power-pop, recalling such icons as Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello. The Happy Days vibe is a bonus.

VIDEO: Gentleman Jesse and His Men – Rooting for the Underdog

Leaving Atlanta, the new full length LP by Gentleman Jesse will be out March 13th on Douchemaster Records.