The Florida metal band Torche do a lot of things well, but one thing they do especially well is distilling the power of metal into concise two-to-three minute jams.  Take “Kicking,” the first single from their forthcoming album, Harmoniacraft, for example.  It’s got power.  It’s got flair.  It’s got a clean chorus.  It’s a real bruiser and it’s over and done with before you know it.

MP3: Torche – Kicking

Mark down April 24th.  That’s the date the date Sacramento punk/rap crew Death Grips release their first album for Epic Records.  That’s also the date they’ll receive the honor of being the next best band ever to save underground music.  You can’t fight it.  This is going to happen.  All you can do is  familiarize yourself with their mix of street-wise beats and skronky electronics and prepare yourself for the inevitable.

MP3: Death Grips – Lost Boys