Maybe National Suicide Day wasn’t a power trio in the traditional sense, but there was a time, let’s say 2008-2009, that this band of Jason Conrad Schafer (vocals/guitars),  Lawrence Daniel Caswell (vocals/bass) and Sean Djuricic (drums) were laying down some of the thickest, nastiest and sickest riffs in the city of Cleveland.  They were either a very (very) heavy soul band, or the rare doom metal band interested in more than stoned tempos and sludge.  And until recently, their lost album, Peacefield, was destined to be the greatest Cleveland rock albums of the 00s that no one had ever heard.

Thanks to technology, that’s changing.  Caswell has found the old masters and has been uploading tracks from Peacefield.  Now, if only there was a taper who was there that night National Suicide Day shredded that cover Neil Young’s “Down by the River…”