While ex-White Stripes man, Jack White, and Akron transplants, The Black Keys, may be making most, if not all of the headlines coming out of the Nashville rock scene these days, when you dig a little deeper you’ll find an eager gang of younger bands also putting their stamp on the sounds of rock gone by.

There’s, Jeff the Brotherhood, a duo who have been featured on these pages multiple times, who’ve shown themselves quite adept at slacker rock, power pop, grunge, metal, garage rock and pretty much every other fist-raising sub genre in the Rock ‘N’ Roll canon (See their latest, a freaked out cover of Hawkwind’s “Master of the Universe”).  And there’s the two bands we’re featuring today: Natural Child and Heavy Cream.

To know where Natural Child are coming from, one needs only to reference the title of their first record, 1971.  This is ’70s inspired, Southern boogie rock with a generous heap of recklessness.  This is parking lots and muscle cars and barrooms and broken bottles.  It’s your uncle retelling stories of his misspent youth and, know what?  It still sounds cool.

MP3: Natural Child – Ain’t Gonna Stop

For Heavy Cream, their sound is more of the classic, garage rock variety — Primal beating, scorched guitars, and snot.  There’s a real riot girl attitude coming through on tracks like the featured, “John Johnny,” hinting that this quartet may have more going for them than the right sound and the right area code.

MP3: Heavy Cream – John Johnny

Natural Child’s newest full length, For the Love of the Game, is due out April 20th on Burger Records.  Meanwhile, Heavy Cream’s latest, Super Treatment, will be released May 8th on Infinity Cat Records.