While it was never my intention to make April 4, 2012 Trouble Books Wednesday, I came across the video for “Lurk Underneath,” literally seconds after I hit publish on the post for the new track, “Dead Bee in a Golden Bowl.” Then I listened and I watched and I said to myself, “Why would you hold back something so good?” And…

Welcome to Trouble Books Wednesday! Like the previously featured, “Dead Bee in a Golden Bowl,” “Lurk Underneath” finds the duo of Keith Freund and Linda Lejsovka greatly expanding the reach of their homespun, ambient pop. Here, the chills of ’80s sci-fi soundtracks are mixed with the sounds of atmospheric field recordings, cleanly picked guitar tones and throbbing, monotone bass. With Lejovska’s deep, almost husky, and calm vocals the track takes on a foreboding and yet, strangely comforting mood at the same time, like being perfectly at peace with the realization that your fake spaceship is about to barrel into a fake alien world, or something like that with not so special effects.

VIDEO: Trouble Books – Lurk Underneath

Trouble Book’s latest album, Concatenating Fields, is now available for pre-order through Bark and Hiss Records.