While Torche’s recent output has had a laser-like focus on delivering the maximum bang per minute as they’ve condensed big riffs and bigger choruses into tightly wound songs, that doesn’t mean they have lost the ability to be metal in the more traditional sense of the word. Take, “Reverse Inverted,” for instance. Here, on the second track made available from the soon-to-be released Harmoniacraft, the Southern quartet offers a massive heap of grunge-like sludge, giving new guitarist, Andrew Elstner ample opportunity to show his chops. And, boy does he deliver, first, with an opening riff like the squeak and squalor of loose engine belts on a cold winter’s day, and then, gradually laying off the gear, until his tone sharpens to the point where it lends an ecstatic edge uncommon to the doom and gloom set. Soundgarden, are you paying attention? This is how you riff rock in the 21st Century.

MP3: Torche – Reverse Inverted

Torche’s Harmoniacraft will be released April 24th on Volcom Entertainment and is available now for preorder.