Robert Pollard knows Rock ‘N’ Roll. That’s a given. After too many albums to count by Guided by Voices, Boston Spaceships, and under his own name and many other names, there’s little doubt he has cemented his place as one of the genres all time greats. Robert Pollard knows art, too. The covers for those too many albums to count, often featured collages designed by Uncle Bob, himself. But, does Robert Pollard know Tumblr?

Yes. After watching the video for “Hang Up and Try Again,” from the forthcoming Guided by Voices album, Class Clown Spots a UFO, it’s clear that someone in the GBV camp has been keeping their eyes on the social media and blogging platform. Many of the images, both still and video, look as if they were ripped straight from the once inescapable, Look at this Fucking Hipster Tumblr. And those that don’t fall into the look at that weird person trying to look cool category, fall into the related category of look at that weird person unaware of their weirdness.

When considering both the band’s established artistic sense and the jam itself, and its deep, rumbling of a riff, spaced out and maxed out, like a re-interpretation of the lead from “Postal Blowfish,” all those years ago, the imagery does indeed work quite well. All that’s missing is a Mitch Mitchell windmill and an Uncle Bob rock kick to bring on the chorus. And, at the 1:12 mark, you get your kick.

VIDEO: Guided by Voices – Hang Up and Try Again

Class Clown Spots a UFO will be released June 12th on GBV Inc./Rockathon Records. Two singles from the album (“John the Croc” and “Keep It in Motion”) are already for sale, with a third, the title track, due out on May 15th. A pre-order for the album is available now through Midheaven.