My fellow Guided by Voices historians may recognize “Class Clown Spots a UFO,” from its previous incarnation as “Crocker’s Favorite Song,” a b-side dating from the early ’90s which appeared on the album King Shit and The Golden Boys and the expanded, director’s cut edition of Bee Thousand. It’s been re-worked here with a more active tempo, electric guitars, and a new coda. And it’s that new coda where it really delivers on its promise of summertime pop as Robert Pollard exercises his classic pop influences of the Beatles and Beach Boys.  This is one case of the remake actually being better than the original.

MP3: Guided by Voices – Class Clown Spots a UFO via Rolling Stone

Class Clown Spots a UFO will be out June 12th on GBV/Rockathon Records.  Additionally, Guided by Voices will be in Ohio next weekend, performing Friday, May 18th at the Nelsonville Music Festival.