Lord knows how Joe Boyer and Jayson Gerycz of Cleveland’s Could Nothings ever found the time to record another side-project, with all that touring and all those festivals their better known band does these days, but here’s Chomp, a new act signed to Exit Stencil Records that also features Chris Brown of  Total Babes.

While it’s difficult for a thirty-something to figure out where these dudes find all that time and energy, it’s much easier to place the sound of the finished product.  Especially on “Throw Out Your Wish List,” a strong, early ’90s, indie-rock vibe comes through.  The clanging guitars and strained vocals will lead to many more comparisons to Superchunk than this one:  Like an early Merge single where the drums, clopping along at a scattered, three-legged pace, try to match the intensity of swap shop guitars being pushed to their limits as  life pushes a young adult to his own limits.

MP3: Chomp – Throw Out Your Wish List

Chomp’s Buddha Jabba Momma (That’s the name of the LP) will be out September 18 on Exit Stencil. You can get yourself a preorder right here.