Puffy Aerolas’ “1982” is not for those with delicate tastes, for those with delicate ears, or for those with cats. With guitars like dentist drills and words spit like the man behind the mic could use a trip to get his chompers checked out, this, the first track released from their Hozac Records debut, is as piercing a piece of punk rock as you’re likely to come across in 2012. And if you have cats, or multiple cats, it kinda sounds like you’re stepping on one of them, in a good way — Not, the cat standing, of course, but the noise. Man, that noise is as sublime as it is painful.

Puffy Areolas’ Dishonorable Discharge (featuring the one and only Bim Thomas from This Moment in Black History and Obnox on drums) will be out this summer on Hozac Records.