Here’s one for those who have been asking, “Why does Sub Pop have to sign every Fleet Foxes side project?” Or, the related question, “What’s with Sub Pop and all these hip-hop acts on their roster?”  Not that there’s anything wrong with Sub Pop being more than an underground rock label.  The bills have to get paid and underground rock doesn’t pay the bills like it did during the alt-rock ’90s.  Plus, you’ve gotta admit those recent records by Shabazz Palaces and Spoek Mathambo do make a convincing argument that Sub Pop is right to reach out to other genres.

But, let’s say you’re one of those people.  You’re going to get a kick out of the latest Sub Pop signing, METZ, whose self-titled debut is due to drop on October 9th. Dissonant, aggressive, and rooted in those old timey traditions of punk, sludge and scuzz, had this Toronto band been born during a different era they would have easily fit onto the roster of Touch & Go, Amphetamine Reptile, or even your own idealized version of Sub Pop.  Crank those tiny, tinny computer speakers of yours and enjoy.