Simply put, “Generations” by Shivering Timbers is one fine sounding jam.  Even in the video embedded above, one can discern clean snare hits,  solemnly plucked strings, and swampy guitar melodies inspired by the same mythical space which inspired many of CCR’s tributes to the American south.  The scene stealer, however, is lead vocalist Sarah Benn.  Here, her voice is husky and foreboding, purposeful and almost spirit-like as it wavers throughout the mix.  One needn’t even parse the lyrics, and the message is ever so clear: Something big and bad is about to go down, and you would be a fool not to follow this story through to the end.

VIDEO: Shivering Timbers – Generations

The Akron trio, Shivering Timbers, will celebrate the official release of their second album, Sing Sing,  August 31st at Musica in Akron.