To understand where the scuzzy, relentless noise of the Australian band Slug Guts comes from, one could go back and reference other Aussie acts like The Birthday Party or feedtime. There is a precedent for the boozed, bruised, and eyes wide, brutality-bound-to-go-down paranoia heard on “Scum.” Understanding the roots of such a discomforting sound doesn’t make it go down any easier, however. From any land, or from any time, or without any context those clanging guitars; those curdled screams, themselves another warning of man you better back down or your facing a boot and a bludgeon; those cymbals like sheets of metal and that saxophone skronk all communicate their intentions quite clearly, thank you. This is not for the meek.

YOUTUBE: Slug Guts – Scum

Slug Guts latest, Playin’ in Time with the Deadbeat, is out now on Sacred Bones Records.