Chapel Hill’s Spider Bags have three types of songs: songs about boozin’ through the good times, songs about boozin’ through the bad times, and songs about still feelin’ the booze in the morning. The country and western punk of “Friday Nights” would fall into the bozzin’ through the bad times category.

Out August 7th on Odessa Records

In the space of one week, King Dude’s forthcoming album, Burning Daylight, has become one of I Rock Cleveland’s most anticipated releases of the fall. We’ve already heard the sad bastard folk of “You Can Break My Heart,” and just yesterday, NPR premiered a second track, the equally gloomy, “Jesus in the Courtyard,” a number which carries an undeniable link to Johnny Cash’s late-career work with producer Rick Rubin.

Out October 16th on Dais Records

Owing as much to Josh Homme’s desert rock as it does to classic metal, Indian Handcrafts’ “Bruce Lee,” is four-and-a-half minutes of some of the finest shredding 2012 has to offer. Seriously, guitarist Daniel Brandon Allen goes through an album’s worth of massive in one track. Imagine what he can do with a full album.

Out October 30th on Sargent House Records