Truth be told, I would have discussed Nude Beach a bit sooner if their name was something like Jack and the Snap-Backs or even Jesse and the Rippers and not Nude Beach, a name which conjures up visions of an indie kid with his mac making cutesy, primitive electronic music in his bedroom. ¬†Surprisingly, then, in “Walkin’ Down My Street,” this Brooklyn trio comes off like a low-rent incarnation of Tom Petty (especially in the vocals), or Thin Lizzy (check the boogie bass), or even The Storkes at times, albeit a version of The Strokes who have chosen the bar rock aesthetic over the skinny jeans life style. As a result, Nude Beach are just as refreshing for the postures they don’t take, and the facades they don’t bother to fake, as they are for their gritty, back to basics approach, where both dirt and melody have equal value and a chorus isn’t a chorus if one can’t tip back a beer and sing along. You can sing to this one.

VIDEO: Nude Beach – Walkin’ Down My Street