The Welsh trio, The Joy Formidable plan to release the follow-up to 2011’s Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine loving, The Big Roar, in early 2013. It will be called Wolf’s Law. The video above is called “Wolf’s Law,” too, but it won’t be on the album, Wolf’s Law. Makes perfect sense, right? The law of music averages would seem to indicate this perfectly usable title track, a stately and ornate piano ballad with a slow build and a pleasant burn, can’t be outdone by all ten-to-twelve tracks that will make the cut. Then again, I’m just a writer, not the label man, the producer, or recording engineer. I’m not privy to the band’s plan. I can only say, “Hey guys, you know this ‘Wolf’s Law,’ the track named after the album, but not on the album, really deserves a proper release,” and hope the magic of the internet does the rest. OK internet, do your thing.

VIDEO: The Joy Formidable – Wolf’s Law