Guitarist Luke Teeters gives the Cleveland-based pop trio, Summerays, a distinct advantage over the countless number of other young bands trying to court the attention of the ever elusive, new listener. The man plays with a vintage, surf guitar tone rich beyond his years, brighter and shinier than anything from our dirty old town ought to be. And when coupled with simple pop structures, as in “Sunshine,” the video embedded above, the results are bound to conjure up visions of lazy days playing driveway basketball, trips to the Lake Erie Shore, or, if you gotta be that way, an island getaway with Olympic beach volleyball players. Some of us happen to enjoy summers in Cleveland, and the sounds it brings, with, but usually without the hard bodies.

VIDEO: Summerays – Sunshine

Summerays recently released the 7″ Toyohashi on Cool Summer Records. One can expect the full length with “Sunshine” to drop soon(ish).