There is virtue in keeping things short and to the point. Has anyone ever heard the story of prog rock? For the Canadian duo, Indian Handcrafts, however, two minutes is not nearly enough. On “Terminal Horse,” the first single from their forthcoming release on Sargent House (10/30), they tease with such a forceful mix of heavy blues and thrash metal, that by the time you get a good headbang going, it’s already over. Sure, you can press play again, but really, the answer is more. As in, more thrash, more riffs, more jams (that are more than two minutes long), and, well, more everything.

Next month, Kemado Records will release Grails’ fifth installment of the Black Tar Prophecies. For the uninitiated, this is the series where Emil Amos (also of OM), and the rest of this heavy, instrumental band from Portland take their worldly, cinematic, and psychedelic sound into a darker, decidedly more sinister place.  Thanks to Self-Title Mag for the tip.