While it may be difficult to judge an artist and an upcoming album on one song, that’s never stopped me before and it’s certainly isn’t going to stop me from drawing conclusions on Titus Andronicus’ forthcoming album Local Business based on the lead track, “In a Big City.” For one thing, the tempo is much more reserved than what we’ve come to expect from Patrick Stickles and his frantic band of Jersey punks. Plus, now that one can decipher what he’s saying (even without the lyrics included in the stream above), it’s clear that he’s positioning himself as a punk poet, in the style of Billy Bragg, Shane McGowan, and Ted Leo. With sea-faring strings taking a more prominent role throughout this mid-tempo, stomp, one could further the argument that our boy is growing up. That’s if we wanted to draw conclusions, of course.

YOUTUBE: Titus Andronicus – In a Big City via P4k/Titus Andronicus

Local Business will be out 10/22 on XL Recordings