Rare is the noise-punk band who can make old noise sound new again. Recent Sub Pop signings, Metz, may be one such, rare band. “Wet Blanket,” does the trick by marrying the fuzz and scuzz of Northwest bands gone by with clanging industrial rock. This one is out October 9th on Sub Pop.

MP3: Metz – Wet Blanket

Also coming October 9th, is the third release from Vancouver longhairs, Ladyhawk. “No Can Do,” is a stellar example of what these Neil Young and J Mascis devotees do best — Personable, mid-tempo rock with just the right amount of six-stringed flair to keep things interesting.

MP3: Ladyhawk – No Can Do

San Francisco shoegazers, Weekend, have a new home in Brooklyn and a new album slated for early 2013.  This rough mix of “Sirens,” is your first taste of what’s to come, and what a mighty fine sampling it is.  The first sound you hear is that of classic sci-fi scores like that of Blade Runner, but played in reverse.  A steady, monotone bass is next, followed in quick succession by a steady 4:4.  Slowly, more pieces are added, including percolating keys, and a persistent drone, until right before the grand moment where it all comes together in one wondrous burst of sound.  Except, that moment never comes.  Instead, what follows is a steady retreat to the serenity of its opening.  Well played, rockers.