The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame has announced the 2013 nominees for induction and if Rush doesn’t make it in this year, then it may never happen for the Canadian power trio. Their competition includes two big names from the disco era (Donna Summer and Chic), two pioneers of hip-hop (Public Enemy N.W.A), overlooked rockers Heart and Joan Jett, the influential German electronic band, Kraftwerk, and a general shrug. The full list follows:

2013 Nominees for Induction Into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Deep Purple
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Albert King
The Marvelettes
The Meters
Randy Newman
Procol Harum
Public Enemy
Donna Summer

Now, if I’m Rush, or the management of Rush, and I’m reading this list, I’ve already started putting together the PR campaign.  I’m going through my contact list.  I’m filling in missing addresses.  I’m ordering custom popcorn tins with three types of popcorn separated by a popcorn divider so that the caramel corn doesn’t mix with the imitation butter popcorn.  I’m getting a big owl on that tin and that tin is going to play “Fly By Night,” whenever it’s opened.  I am sparing no expense to get my boys into the Rock Hall.  It’s 2013 or never.

Note: I do not have a ballot for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and even if I did, my vote could not be bought with a giant tin of popcorn with popcorn dividers separating the cheese corn from the caramel corn from the imitation butter popcorn. In order to get my vote you would have to throw in a couple of six packs of craft beer. Popcorn makes me thirsty.