Be safe Cleveland and don’t do as I have done. You may think it’s cool to go out to the lake and experience the full force of Frankenstorm from the shores of Lake Erie; You may think it’s cool to stand on the edge of the shore with your arms outstretched and scream, “FRANKENSTORM!!!” You may think this is all a game, but the number of downed trees I saw all over Edgewater Park, not to mention those up and down the streets just south of the lake, reinforce just how foolish I had been over the past two days. Frankenstorm is real and caused some real damage to person and property.

Fuck. Who am I kidding? I’ve always wanted to be Anderson Cooper in a hurricane. This was my chance. I did it. I stood in the storm. I saw mangled trees, capsized boats, ripped awnings, a swelled Cuyahoga River, and damage to the Rock Hall. Now, I’ll never do it again.