Because it’s not just the season for voting, but to be cynical about the whole damn process and then vote anyway, Sweet Apple have released a video for their cover of the Alice Cooper classic, “Elected,” on the day we elect our next president. Think about all the shit we had to put up in our swing state of Ohio over the past year. Think about all the money, a record amount of money, dumped on our airwaves and into our mailboxes. Yesterday alone, I had four mailers from Freedom Works and three more from the Republican party of Ohio. Think about all of the distractions, half-truths and absolute lies — Mitt Romney and his photo-op with 99 children and all the little boys in the same preppy outfit and all the little girls wearing the same dress, Joe Biden and bear hugs, and Obama looking lost at the debate; Big Bird, binders full of women, and budgets that don’t add up; Paul Ryan in a soup kitchen pretending to clean, the 47%, and Jeep shipping off to China; The horse race, pollsters, statisticians and beefs between pollsters and statisticians. And then voice your love for democracy and hope your guy wins. It’s like that, but with music, sound, and video.

VIDEO: Sweet Apple – Elected

Sweet Apple’s “Elected/No Government” single is available through Outer Battery Records.