Excuse me while I play old. You see, back in the day, it was easy to judge a band by its name. For example, there was the geography rule. Any band named after a common city, state, country, or geographic location universally sucked. Kansas sucked. Asia sucked. Boston, Chicago, and Europe all sucked.

Recently, I’ve found the awkward spelling and mangled punctuation rule a good one, too. tUnE-yArDs is the best example of this rule in action. I’ve also got the personally revolting rule. Hello Diarrhea Planet! You may be a great band of up and coming rockers, but I’ll pass.

Some say I have to many rules. To them I say, my Joanna Newsome rule and my Sufjan Stevens rule have served me just fine, thank you. Plus, if it wasn’t for my sounds-like-an-indie-folk-band-to-me rule, I may have spent the past two years blogging about Mumford and Sons.

Considering all these rules, now imagine my surprise at this new single by The History of Apple Pie (their offense, being in violation of the sounds like an indie folk band rule, of course), actually being pretty kick ass in a fuzz guitar from Teenage Fanclub and femme fatale from Lush kind of way. The History of Apple Pie’s debut LP will be released January 29th on Marshall Teller Records. And, yes, I know I need new references to go with some new rules.

As if that previous jam wasn’t rad enough, members of The History of Apple Pie have this other project with another band of English fuzz rockers, Yuck, that goes by Parakeet.  Their video for “Shonen Heart” is embedded below.

Parakeet’s Shonen Hearts EP is available digitally through the band’s bandcamp page. It can also be streamed in its entirety at Soundcloud.