By Yo La Tengo’s standards, “Before We Run,” the closing track to their forthcoming album, Fade, is practically succinct. For comparison’s sake, “All the Glitter is Gone,” from 2009’s Popular Songs, clocked in at over 15 minutes. “The Story of Yo la Tengo,” from 2006’s I’m Not Afraid of You and I’ll Beat Your Ass, was nearly 12 minutes. While “Night Falls on Hoboken” from 2000’s, And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out, ran for 17 minutes. Maybe, this animated clip by Emily Hubley is just an edit. Or, perhaps, the preceding track on Fade is the 15 minute one. Oh, why squabble. “Before We Run,” is still a vintage Yo La Tengo album closer, a warm, evenly paced, masterfully recorded and masterfully written piece of somber indie pop.

VIDEO: Yo La Tengo – Before We Run

Yo La Tengo’s Fade will be released January 15th on Matador Records. Various pre-orders are available. The band will be in Cleveland for a February 7th show at the Beachland Ballroom.