No Resolution: Looking Ahead to 2013

Resolutions aren't my thing. I've always believed real change has to come from something more than a day on a calendar. And, if this change is ...
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Jam Pack Friday with This Moment in Black History, Dead Sweaters, B. Hamilton, James Murphy and Pulp, and Wax Idols

In talking with the Plain Dealer's John Benson, This Moment in Black History's Lamont "Bim" Thomas described Higher Deffer, his band's newest ...
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Under Construction

Please be patient as I Rock Cleveland undergoes a much needed upgrade. UPDATE: The upgrade is between 90 and 95 percent complete. I still have ...
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Moving Pictures: “Ohm” by Yo La Tengo

While side 1, track 1 is listed as "Ohm" on Fade, the 13th studio album by the long-running indie rock act, Yo La Tengo, and again, on the ...
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Not Released, But Sounded Sweet in 2012: Selections from a Year of Record Collecting

Eric's Trip - Songs About Chris (1993) With our pocket computers running Shazam, Spotify, YouTube and Google, it's nearly impossible to lose a song ...
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A Playlist of 2012’s Top Jams

Below, you'll find a playlist of 2012's top jams as determined by me. The jams are not ordered with any particular ranking in mind. Rather, these ...
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Off the Record: Don’t Be Another Chickenshit in the Home of the Brave, Stand Up for Real Gun Reform

Fuck this shit. What happened to land of the free and home of the brave? All I see are people too chickenshit to take action after each and every ...
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News Jam: Strange Sauce Edition

Note, none of these stories came from The Onion. The world really is going to shit with hell in its hand-basket. Man Arrested for Trying to ...
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