photo by Heather Strange

Like Australia’s Eddy Current Suppression Ring, the New York via Texas band, Parquet Courts, have a rock history problem. Not too concerned with how garage rock, punk, and post-punk fit into Rock ‘N’ Roll’s timeline, they just went ahead and combined their impressions of all three movements into one tangled mass. On a song like “Borrowed Time,” you get the energy of early garage rock, the strong melodies of NYC punk, and the relatively tight instrumentation of post-punk. Relative is the key word here, for when a two-and-a-half minute jam comes across so expertly and with so much conviction, the details are all secondary. Things like volume and some space to shake take precedence.

What’s Your Rupture will be re-releasing Parquet Courts’ album, Light Up Gold on January 15th. Vinyl editions will be repressed and available through the band’s own Dull Tools with some help from What’s Your Rupture. A second single, “Light Up Gold II,” is also out there on the internets and worth your ear time.