The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame voters have spoken and the 2013 inductees will be Heart, Albert King, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Rush, and Donna Summer. And joining those artists in the non-performer category will be Lou Adler and Quincy Jones. I know there’s a click-bating think piece in here somewhere.

What if I were to write about there not enough women in the Rock Hall? No, Donna Summer and Heart are both included on this year’s list. Scratch one click piece.

Ok, the Rock Hall is too white! That’s a good one, and it always inspires a fierce debate, but Quincy Jones, Albert King, Donna Summer, and Public Enemy all negate that argument in the class of 2013. Scratch two click pieces.

Well, there’s not enough Rush is always gets clicks, but damnit, if all the Rush fans finally succeeded in complaining their band’s way to the top. I can’t write about critics disrespecting Rush any more. And we all know Rush fans are nerds, with all those nerds and all those computers I would have been in page view heaven.

What am I left with? The Rock Hall only inducts rock acts. Hmm…it’s a counter-intuitive argument, and it might just work, except Donna Summer made her name in disco and Public Enemy were one of hip-hop’s true pioneers. Another click piece not to be.

How will I get massive clicks from writing about this year’s Rock Hall inductees? Simply announcing the news won’t do the trick.

They should have named it the Pop Music Hall of Fame. That’s it. The boomers will love it. If only I could muster the ambition to write it. For honestly, these arguments bore me to death. Every think piece about the Rock Hall boils down to this: My favorite band hasn’t been inducted. Let’s get angry and do so in a manner that maximizes the click count. A slideshow! Instead, let’s be happy someone’s getting acknowledged for a life time of work and that someone isn’t named Styx.