Fuck this shit. What happened to land of the free and home of the brave? All I see are people too chickenshit to take action after each and every one of these senseless murder sprees, like the one yesterday, which took the lives of 20 first-graders in Newtown, Connecticut. Think about that for a moment. A gunman let loose with handguns and an assault rifle and murdered 20 children. You used to be a first-grader, right? You may even have one such small one in your own home. Tell me this isn’t the most fucked up mass murder in a country who’s had a world’s share of mass murders.

Yet, instead of any reasonable action in response to one of these all to common tragedies, we get memes. There’s “Let’s not politicize,” “Give the families time to grieve,” and the infallible Constitution memes, favorites of both Democrats and Republicans. There’s also “Guns don’t kill people,” “They would have killed with something else,” and “It’s the fault of the godless,” memes prevalent only on the right. These people who feel they know better than us because they are on the tv, are giving us, the American public, the equivalent of a cat video when what we really need is leadership during a time of tragedy.

Henceforth, it’s time to call these people what they really are, not experts, not leaders, but chickenshit bullshitters. The name calling starts at the top. Barrack Obama, I voted for you twice, and in your first four years we’ve had to endure Fort Hood, Hartford, Milwaukee, Tucson, Chardon, Aurora, and Newtown. You, sir, because you continually refuse to take any meaningful action regarding hand-held, human-killing devices are no more than a chickenshit bullshitter.

The same goes for your colleagues on Capitol Hill. You, as a group, each and everyone of you are chickenshit and the American people, tired of your showy fights of debt limits, spending, and taxes, deserve more than men and women bowing to the interest of corporate money.

There are, of course, the brave few who refuse to play the gun meme game.

Mayor Bloomberg, you’re cool. You have the audacity to take a stand.  I can’t endorse your PD for trailing brown people, both Muslim and not, in and out of your city, but you got it right when it comes to gun control.  They don’t make us safer. Not in the big city and not in the suburbs.

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, I think you’re cool, too. You didn’t play the meme games of the administration and you immediately voiced your intent to press the President on gun control.

Bob Costas, you were almost cool. You used your influence as the host of Sunday Night Football to give Americans a reality check after the NFL murder-suicide, and then you thew out some chickenshit bullshit of your own about respect for the Second Amendment shortly thereafter. Could it be that your spine is just as slinky as everyone else’s in power and on tv? Could it be the powers that be had a talk with you about sponsors and ad money?

You see, in this land of the free, no man is free without the money to hire and fire and quiet; No man is free who cannot buy votes and legislation; And no man is truly free if he is motivated by fear of losing his or her personal prosperity.

Read this list. Know this list. This is the toll of mass murderers in our country.

Read this list. Know this list. These are your elected officials more interested in manure than the safety of our children. They’ve all accepted donations from the NRA.

Now, don’t tell me there is no answer and don’t tell me we cannot change. When our country was founded only white men could vote. We live in a country which once outlawed booze and then changed its mind and made booze legal again. Hell, in the past election year marijuana became legal in two states and gay marriage in three. We can change, and more importantly, it no longer takes a lifetime to witness change. I’ve seen it in my 37 years. We can change our gun laws, too.

Don’t tell me about numbness and apathy, either. After major hurricanes we’re very good at organizing celebrity concerts for charity. We had congressional hearings after one very important American man was killed in Libya. Two planes rammed into two buildings and we got two wars, a prison in Cuba, prisons scattered across Europe and the Middle East, secret domestic spying programs and extra-judiciary executions by man-less man-killing planes.

This country, so skilled at fighting terror can’t enact one single law to ease the rate of mass murders committed by its own citizens at movie theaters, grocery stores, and elementary schools? I refuse to believe such a thing.  I believe there are too many chickenshit leaders talking too much bullshit, but I refuse, I refuse to believe we, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, are powerless to enact measured and powerful responses to domestic mass murder.

Write your representative and your senators, too. Tweet them and message them on facebook. Call their office on the telephone and when you’re done with these steps, repeat them the next day. Every word counts.

There are so many chickenshit bullshitters dominating the message on mass murder, and the pinheads in the Supreme Court did such a thorough job mangling the Second Amendment, we’ve been led to believe change is impossible.  Impossible would be removing each and every handgun from our streets. Impossible would be taking a time machine way back in time to the birth of our nation’s Constitution and re-writing the Second Amendment with big bold letters, WHEN WE SAY A WELL REGULATED MILITIA HAS THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, WE DON’T MEAN EVERY AMERICAN HAS THE RIGHT TO OWN PERSONAL, HAND-HELD KILLING MACHINES FOR THEIR OWN MURDERING PLEASURE.

Our task is not an easy one, and it may not be a popular one, but it is not impossible. You may lose some friends. You may become unwelcome at family gatherings.  But know this goal, of real, meaningful gun control, is a worthy goal, for life and the pursuit of liberty is but a sham when the peace and livelihood of our most vulnerable is sacrificed for the moneyed interests intent on amassing a well-armed citizenry.

UPDATE: As of 12.16, a handful of lawmakers have expressed support for stronger gun control measures in the wake of Newtown. Senator Feinstein (D-CA) has promised to introduce an assault weapons ban on the first day of the new Congress. President Obama has finally signaled a willingness to take on gun reform, too. Please, keep pressuring your lawmakers and let them know you demand changes to our gun laws.