Please be patient as I Rock Cleveland undergoes a much needed upgrade.

UPDATE: The upgrade is between 90 and 95 percent complete. I still have some minor CSS tweaks to do, but these are more a function of perfectionism than any visible function.

One improvement you should already see is a redesigned navigation system at the top of the screen. All pages and post categories can be found under one of the main menu options. For example, the top level menu Reviews includes submenus for album reviews, concert reviews, and photo reviews. Plus, there’s top level menus for jams and music videos.

Perhaps, the biggest change to the site is one which will only be evident when you view I Rock Cleveland on a tablet or smart phone. The website will now automatically resize and optimize itself for your device depending on your screen size and whether you’re viewing in portrait or landscape mode.

Lastly, with these new guts, everything should be faster. I’ve never been a fan of “Read More” on every post, but it’s become a necessity as more musicians are using Youtube lyric videos and SoundCloud streams instead of mp3 downloads as a means of promotion. More embeds on the main page means longer load times. Those longer load times had gotten to the point of annoyance.