For the past year, London’s Factory Floor has been a buzz band without any audible buzz. There was a 12″ single on DFA Records in late 2011 and a performance at ATP New Jersey the same year that provided a startling stateside introduction to this electronic, post-punk trio with a love of lacing their long compositions with jarring fits of noise, and then, precious little else.

With “Fall Back,” we finally have buzz, and a burrowing motorik beat and Nik Void’s ghostly cloaked vocals, and all those unexpected clashes and clangs carefully spaced over the track’s eight-and-a-half minutes which made Factory Floor such an exciting artist in the first place.

Is a sustained buzz too much to ask for? One single every 15 months or so simply does not suffice when each single is so sublime.

Expect the “Fall Back” single to drop on Jan 15th via DFA with a full length (hopefully, maybe) later in the year.

Photo by Emilie Bailey via Factory Floor’s Facebook.