When attempting to describe the Brooklyn band, The Men, in non rock-crit talk (as in after a few drinks and someone asks, “What have you been listening to?”), the description ends up something like, “Like all of your favorite indie rock bands from a long time ago — Husker Du, The Replacements, Sonic Youth, but they still have their own thing going on, you know? And sometimes, they sound like the Stones, too. Or do this country thing, or this electronic thing. Then there was this one time they played Now That’s Class and a large woman of the street got up and danced with all the indie rock boys.”

You should all be glad I don’t write about music like I drunkenly talk about music.

For “Eelectric,” the band’s first single for their third Sacred Bones release, The Men continue to do that thing where they sound like your favorite band, except this time, there’s a distinct West Coast punk vibe going on. It’s as if the So-Cal punks and the Seattle grunge rockers from ’93 met somewhere in the middle, like Sacramento, and thrashed out their differences. It would have sounded sweet 20 years ago, and it still sounds sweet, today.

STREAM: The Men – Electric

The Men’s New Moon will be released March 5th on Sacred Bones Records. It will be preceded by the “Electric” 7,” which is up for pre-order now.