I neglected to hop on the hype train when Danish punks, Iceage, released their debut album in 2011. I can’t say why it didn’t hit, or click with me. That would take going back in time. It just didn’t. “Coalition,” however, the first track released upcoming Matador album, made my ears perk up almost immediately. Its combination of heft and dexterity, old skool ideals and modern methods, kicked ass and kicked pretty much every other new kid punk band off the stage. “Ecstasy,” has much the same effect. Half dirty, disco-punk and half hardcore throwdown then slowdown, it’s the type of song few can pull off convincingly. Dudes not only do it, but make it sound easy, too.  Iceage’s new album, You’re Nothing, will be out February 19th on Matador Records.

Update 2.17.13: I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with Iceage’s repeated use of white power image and can no longer endorse this music with good conscience. Read and learn more here.