The concept is simple. 170 Cleveland musicians have submitted themselves to the whims of ping pong balls and a hopper. One by one, they will be drafted into new bands with fellow musicians whom they’ve never collaborated with before. Metal heads will be paired with singer-songwriters. Electronic artists will be paired with rockers who still believe in putting music to tape.

The results can be sublime. Some of these acts will exist for only one night, the big show, taking place Saturday April 13th at the Cleveland Agora. Others may stick around and play gigs around time for months, or even a year or two. Either way, the Cleveland Lottery League is a unique concept which fosters cooperation and friendship between factions within the scene.

The madness begins Friday night and by the time the night’s last ping-pong ball is drawn, Cleveland will be home to 42 new bands. You can catch the action in person at the Beachland Ballroom, beginning 8 PM sharp (admittance is free). Or, if you prefer the comfort of home and couch, the event will be streamed live at