After twenty-two years, three excruciating hours where servers heaved and crumpled under the crush of an excited fanbase, and perhaps, even some intervention by President Obama, Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine have released their new album. It’s simply titled, m b v, lowercase and spaces, please.

This album will be obsessed over during the coming days. There will be memes, and backlash from the clever side of the web, and maybe even some intelligent commentary, too. It’s only the biggest indie rock album to hit the internet since In Rainbows famously crippled servers during Radiohead’s surprise album release.

Now is not the time to obsess. Rather, lead track, “she found now,” should you a nice starting point into the new, old sounds of My Bloody Valentine. They’re still a shoegaze band, to be sure, and guitar tracks still run backwards and forwards in a deep pool of cough syrup. There’s a dainty pop melody, in there, too. Like their best work, “she found now,” manages the competing forces of heavy and light with aplomb. But was it worth 22 years of waiting? That will be the big question for many. My Bloody Valentine’s m b v is available now in download, CD, and LP formats. Pretend not to be shocked when you see the price — $16 for download, $42 for an LP. Hey, it’s cheaper than trying to score any of their old LPs on the re-sale market. Tell yourself that.

UPDATE: The first six tracks are all available The album is now available for streaming on My Bloody Valentine’s Youtube channel. h/t Slicing Up Eyeballs